Piecing Together The Puzzle: Who Are The LPs That Invest In Emerging Micro-VCs?

Introducing “Aggreg8r: LPs In Emerging Micro-VCs”

Oper8r is focused on enabling the next generation of great founders in VC by empowering the next generation of great emerging micro-VCs that fund them.

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Update (11/11/20): Expanded scope to <$150M AUM and ex-US.


  • We are crowd-sourcing a list from public information on who invests in emerging VCs

  • To see this list, go here

  • To propose additions or modifications to the list, go here

As we mentioned in our last post, it’s clear that access to capital is a critical barrier to emerging micro-VCs.

For many VCs, simply knowing which LPs are in the market is a mystery. Even if you have the best product, you won’t find product/market fit if the market is invisible!

We are strong believers in the power of market density, so are actively building it by helping to pull some of the pieces together.

Photo by Gabriel Crismariu from Unsplash

As a starting-point, we are crowd-sourcing names of LPs that have invested in emerging micro-VCs (drawing inspiration from the fantastic job the FRB team did with compiling “The Master List of US Micro-VCs”).

To start, we seeded (aha!) the list with names from FRB’s 2019 Venture LP survey and Dan Abelon’s presentation on first-time VC funds.

Here’s the current list, and how to help grow it:

  1. Submit an addition or update/edit

  2. Share with your network to help round out

  3. We will update periodically, so subscribe + follow to stay tuned

  4. Add comments to this post if you have any suggestions on how to improve!

Here are the guidelines for adding names:

  1. Public information only! Please provide a source so we can validate

  2. Organizations only! No names of individuals

  3. Relevant LPs only! Investors in fund I/II, $150M-ish AUM